At 11044958 canada corporation, we believe that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are the cornerstones of our success. We welcome and respect each individual’s differences and believe these differences are our strength.


Our team is made up of people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. We encourage diversity because we believe different perspectives and ways of thinking contribute to innovation and growth. No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, we welcome you to be part of our family.


We adhere to the principle of fairness and provide equal opportunities and treatment to everyone. Our recruitment, promotion and remuneration policies are based on fairness and transparency, ensuring that every employee can achieve their full potential.


11044958 canada corporation is an inclusive environment where we respect each employee’s faith, gender, sexual orientation, race and identity. We encourage our employees to share their perspectives and experiences, believing every voice has value.

Sense of belonging

At 11044958 canada corporation, we want every employee to feel like they belong to the family. We strive to create a warm, friendly and supportive work environment where everyone can feel they belong.

We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are forces that drive innovation and teamwork and are key to our success. We will continue to work on these values to ensure that everyone can find opportunity, equality, respect and a sense of home here.