If you find a better price on your purchase at a Fashionjellys competitor, we’ll match it and refund the difference.

Please review our pricing policy below for eligible competitors, details and exclusions.

If we (or a selected competitor) make a price reduction on an item you have purchased, we will be happy to adjust the sales price to your request within 10 days of the dispatch date.

· The item must be the same color and size.
· Fashionjellys items must be in stock at selected competitors and Fashionjellys.
· We are unable to match order-level discounts, gift card promotions, or shipping offers.
· We do not offer price matching or sales adjustments for items from outlet stores, flash sales, auctions, clubs or regional and non-U.S. retailers, nor do we provide “marketplace” prices from third-party sellers.
· Price adjustments do not apply to items included in limited-time sales, additional offers, anniversary sales, daily deals or promotions.
· We do not process automated price matching or price adjustment requests generated by third-party services.
· We will only make one price adjustment per item.
· Items originally purchased at a promotional price will not be subject to price adjustment.
· If requesting a price match or price adjustment in one of our stores, you must provide a current advertisement or a valid link to the item on the competitor’s website.
· Price adjustments will be refunded to the original payment method used to purchase the item.

To request a price adjustment please submit your request to our customer service team via email at Dianj3168@gmail.com